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Residential Home Inspection – Know Your Purchase

A quality residential home inspection is the most important step to take during your home purchase – any unidentified problems can cost you thousands in repairs.  Because every modern house contains dozens of systems, each with it’s own possible problems, you need an experienced and certified inspector every time.  Using one of Optimized Inspection Services’ experienced and nationally certified inspectors, you can evaluate your property and identify any areas of concern before you buy.

Knowing is Half the Battle

When your home inspection is complete, you will receive our certified home inspection report.  This document contains all information you need to make a smart buying decision.  Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiations.  Understanding the ACTUAL condition of your potential purchase gives you the power to make the right offer.  Never trust one of your largest financial decisions to the opinion of an unqualified or inexperienced inspector.

Let Us Help You Make the Best Decision

A certified home inspection is your best ally in a home purchase

Certified Home Inspections Prevent Surprise

So give us a call.  Our phone is always on and Optimized Inspection Services, LLC is only a phone call away.

Helping you make the best decision possible about your next personal or investment property purchase is our #1 goal.  If you have ANY questions about our services, or if you want to schedule a certified home inspection, call now (206) 349-0733.

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