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Sample Home Inspection Report | Optimized Inspection Services, LLC

Your Home Inspection Report – It Is All About Information

At Optimized Inspection Services, LLC we believe a home inspection report is all about information.  You, the buyer, are interested in gathering the most information you can.  This will help you make an informed decision about, and an appropriate offer for, your potential property purchase.  Our certified inspectors perform a thorough inspection of your property.  This covers all major structures (see our Contract for Services) and systems in order to give you as much quality information as possible. When you receive your home inspection report you have a complete picture of the property.

Our Recommendations Add Value

Facts are often useless without context.  Our report also contains explanations of our findings and highlights recommendations for maintenance/repair (in blue) and items of concern (in red).  After receiving your report, you should consider all items carefully when finalizing your purchase negotiations.

This home inspection report sample shows the areas we cover and the detail we provide.

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